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Radarr Sonarr/Radarr Not Moving Files

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Original poster
Oct 19, 2018
Hey All,

Relative noobie here. Had an on-prem VM PlexGuide running just fine for the last few months. I wanted to cut my electricity bill here so have bought a NetCup server to deploy my PlexGuide box.

I have most things set up, with a few snags. One of those snags is that Sonarr and Radarr are not moving files to /mnt/move/TV or /mnt/move/Film respectively.

Both Sonarr and Radarr are talking to SAB just fine. They will send the NZB over to SAB which proceeds to download the file and sends the completed downloads to /mnt/downloads/sabnzbd.

However, Sonarr and Radarr are not fishing out the completed files.

Any ideas?

Complete Download Handling is ON for both Sonarr and Radarr and i cannot see anything obvious in the Logs. Both connect to SAB via portainers internal network.


Feb 21, 2019
I too am having this issue sometimes. I've made the switch from torrents to SAB. Torrents worked just fine. Ive mapped the downloads to unionfs as per wiki and been fiddling with the hardlinks on/off as per user feedback on the forums. Manual import works fine.

When it does import them and all seems fine but i find my downloads folder slowly grow until i manually clean it out. So its not cleaning up after itself, sometimes. This is frustrating and any help or ideas im happy to try. Thanks

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