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Sonarr Sonarr reporting /unionfs missing.

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Original poster
Oct 1, 2018
I setup PG last night on a VM for the first time (using the multi hard drive method not gsuite), also my first experience with Sonarr and the like. I got connected with SABnzbd download client and got an Indexer and a VPN. I found a random show to test with, and was able to download 1 episode successfully and it did show up in plex.

But while attempting to get every episode afterwards it failed, and now I have a system status message of "Missing root folder: /unionfs/TV" So I checked the multi hd builder and I do have my mount still, it's "/disk1", and in there I have a TV direcetory. The file path hasn't changed and the one episode I got is still there. I attempted restarting the VM, but no change. I also tried to deplay Unionfs again just in case, but Sonarr won't recognize it anymore, any suggestions?

Side note, I see everyone talking about the discord but I can't find a way to join it...
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