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Original poster
Oct 22, 2018
Hi Guys,

Wondered if you can help me with some drive mapping. This is just not syncing in my head. slightly stuck.

My setup:

Seedbox at feral with rclone running.
Seperate ubuntu server running plex and various apps..
Trying to get sonarr configured. Set up torrent client. Connects to feral.

Im trying to setup the remote drive mapping.. Windows would be easy for me, but i'm a noob at linux.

DOing some testing i mounted the remote drive in ubuntu server using something like this.

sshfs -o idmap=user [email protected]:/media/sde1/user/private/rtorrent/data /mnt/feral

I can see in the shell my remote drive/contents in mnt/feral folder.

That bit works great. However when browsing for that folder in sonarr, there is nothing showing. It doesnt even see the feral folder.

in sonarr I have the remote path set to


local path I cant set. I assume it is permission related. But I dont know how to fix. Be great if someone can show me the way.


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