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Sonarr Sonarr4k not uploading to GDrive

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Original poster
Apr 9, 2018
Hey everyone,

I did set up a new Server that has basically the similar setup as my old one that worked well but was too slow. I use sonarr & sonarr4k. While the Sonarr instance works like a charm, the 4k version does everything it should, copies the file in /mnt/unionfs/tv/ but after a minute or so the files disappear. It Seems that the files don't get uploaded to GDrive.

I use teamdrive encrypted. Here are some logs:

==> /plexguide/logs/rclone-tcrypt.log <==
2020/01/01 03:43:30 ERROR : tv/shows/TV Shows/x/Season 3/x.mkv: ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: EOF
2020/01/01 03:43:31 ERROR : tv/shows/TV Shows/x/Season 3/x.mkv: ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 2/10: unexpected EOF

==> /plexguide/logs/pgblitz.log <==
2020/01/04 23:10:08 INFO :
Transferred: 3.055G / 4.606 GBytes, 66%, 47.431 MBytes/s, ETA 33s
Errors: 1 (retrying may help)
Checks: 4 / 6, 67%
Transferred: 1 / 3, 33%
Elapsed time: 1m5.9s
* tv/shows/TV Shows/x/Season 1/x.mkv: 42% /1.457G, 32.559M/s, 26s
* tv/shows/TV Shows/x/Season 1/x.mkv: 49% /1.430G, 36.790M/s, 20s
* tv/shows/TV Shows/x/Season 1/x: 42% /1.457G, 32.559M/s, 26s
* tv/shows/TV Shows/x/Season 1/x: 49% /1.430G, 36.790M/s, 20s

As I said, the regular sonarr version works fine. Sonarr seems to copy the files correctly since Plex sees them and I'm able to play them as long as they are visible. Anyone has an idea what's going on?



Nov 17, 2019
Are you putting the 1080p and the 4k in the same show/dir structure? If so regular sonarr and 4k sonarr may delete the other version when uploading it's version. But it wouldn't be instant like you describe. Did you create your folder structure first? Go to /mnt/gcrypt and do an ls. If you base folders aren't there, create them there first, then try importing from sonarr.

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