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Original poster
Mar 14, 2018
Ok guys I got a dumb question which I came across. Is it possible to have sonarr and radarr on a different server from nzbget and be able to have them rename the remote files. I assume I would have to setup and remote path of some sort. I was able to get sonarr/radarr to connect to nzbget (obviously through the api) without an issue but when the file downloads since its remote sonarr/radarr has no access to rename it. Is there a way to pass the rename info to nzbget and have it do the renaming after the mp4 conversion or would to just be easier to have sonarr/radarr on the feeder with nzbget and just back up and move them when ever i move gce's. Side Note: Finally got to use the gce auto-feeder deploy and it saved a ton of time got a few question on it but that for another thread.


Oct 7, 2018
Yes, use NFS to mount the filesystems together on each machine so the file paths stays similar on both.

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