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Discussion Still looking to transfer Hetzner Ex-42 with an addon 1tb NVME drive.

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Original poster
Jul 2, 2018
Im still looking to transfer the server to someone. its paid up until the end of the month. but want it gone asap. and because of that ive decided that the first person to respond can just have it. I wouldve liked to recoup a few bucks from my setup fee. but again i just want it gone. So HMU and its yours.

original forum post is here https://plexguide.com/threads/hetzner-ex-42-with-an-addon-1tb-nvme-drive-for-transfer.7200/

oh and its available immediately. ill be out of the house until around 10pm EST but as soon as im home its all yours
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its gone. not sure if i can close the thread or if mods have to
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Jan 30, 2020
So are you looking for $25 for it? I'm willing to pay you for it. Feel free to message me if you want. I already have a server on there, so it should be quick and easy.

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