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Discussion Strange error with some apps

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Original poster
Oct 26, 2019
Hi, i have set PG to work with cloudflare, traefik, Google auth and closed ports.

I have follow all guides and all seems works correctly (portainer, plex, emby, etc..etc...), also if i go to the main domain system open automatically portainer.
- I have configured Traefik to works with Cloudflare
- I have closed ports
- I have configure PGSHIELD and it seems works

Now i have problem only with some apps that not work: filebox, avidemux e filezilla.

Only with these apps, site open correctly but Circle is "X RED" (server disconnected)...i try to redeploy traefik, redeploy PGSHIELD, Uninstall and reinstall these apps....but nothing seem to work.

Can you help me please?

(i attach some screen)

p.s. some (maybe) usefull data:
1) i'm using a remote dedicated hetzner server with ubuntu 16.04.6 lts and a registrered domain.... PG is 8.7.5 and Docker is 19.03.8
2) I attach only filebot (error inside filezilla and avidemux is the same)
3) I have also update my linux system and all packages are update...only one is not possible to update is "docker-ce" ( i'm not able to update it automatic or manually)

Tnx a lot at all for help



Feb 1, 2019
These are community maintained apps so you won't get guaranteed service with them. Ive only had good experience with a handful of the community apps.

Likeybots a docker config thats wrong and causing the errors
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Original poster
Oct 26, 2019
Hi, tnx for quick reply....i think is not a APP problem but i think is a Docker or Traefik problem for these two reasons:
1) App are not ok from when i wonna to migrate from godaddy to cloudflare (10 days ago, before are always ok)
2) It's very strange that same problem/bug is presente at same time to three different apps

There is a way to "log" or "debug" system so i can discover wich element create problem (and if lucky fix it)???

Tnx a lot for help ;-)
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I found problem but i need help to fix it: PGSHIELD

I have "disable" pgshield (and redeploy pgshield) for these app: Avidemux and Filezilla

Now two apps work without problem.
If i re-nable pgshild (and re-deploy pgshield), app not work

Any idea to how discover problem? There is a debug or a screen that i can make to help you?

Tnx a lot
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