STRM files lost in Overlay2 |

STRM files lost in Overlay2

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Original poster
Feb 8, 2019
Unable to see where these STRM files are on the file structure.
I am expecting to see them in "/mnt/strm"
i have created /mnt/strm and give it 777 permissions just be sure it is not a permission issue of some sort.

"./var/lib/docker/overlay2/c148715dbc8bd2fa6745d142e09c83f7447d1db871a86c2a162b73a3de62301a/merged/mnt/strm/tv/family guy/season 12/family guy S12E09 - original 1072p.strm"

Where could it have gone wrong?

bind mounting the /mnt/plexdrive/strm directory on the VPS to /opt/strm

I suspect i dont have the plexdrive folder in my /mnt and that might be adding to this confusion

Steps followed to deploy:
  1. docker pull mrmachine/python-googledrive-videostream
  2. followed rest of process from (posted as below)

For those still looking for an alternative, expecting that none is forthcoming from Plex before 30 November, I found the following:
  1. Install Emby via Plex Guide on a VPS nearby with good speed to your location. No need to mount Google Drive via rclone. Plex Guide takes care of almost everything you need. Reverse proxy, HTTPS with automated Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, etc.
  2. Run Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream via Docker on the same VPS, bind mounting the /mnt/plexdrive/strm directory on the VPS to /opt/strm inside the container, as per 49 – We use /mnt/plexdrive/strm because /mnt/plexdrive is already bind mounted into the Emby container.
3.A. Connect to http://{VPS_IP}:9988 and click settings, set a username/password, enable passthrough, click save and reload.
3.B. Click enroll and follow the prompts.
3.C. Navigate to your movies and TV folders (separately), click the + and schedule a 5 minute task for saving STRM. Use /opt/strm as the location to store STRMs (for both movies and TV). Set catalog STRMs into folders according to movie/tv/other? to false. Set append resolution to STRM filename? to false (assuming your filenames already include the quality). Click submit.
3.D. Restart the Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream container to immediately start the two scheduled tasks.

  1. Configure Emby. Add /plexdrive/movies and /plexdrive/tv to the library.
What’s all this achieve?
  • Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream will create STRM files for your content on Google Drive in the /mnt/plexdrive directories, and add new STRM files as content is added to Google Drive every 5 minutes.
  • Emby will scan the STRM files to your library without attempting to download the content to your VPS (like Plex does when it tries to read media info from the files).
  • If you are using an Emby client that is capable of direct play, the content will stream directly from Google Drive to the client (that’s the passthrough option). Otherwise, it will direct stream or transcode through the Emby server. You can configure Emby to disable direct stream or transcoding if your VPS has little bandwidth or CPU available.
  • When content is actually played, Emby will update its database with the media info for that file.
I actually prefer the Emby Theater interface to Plex Media Player. It’s got great “stats for nerds”, nice logos for every movie/tv show, looks great in a browser (via or on a big TV (e.g. via NVIDIA Shield).

For those who don’t like Emby Theater, you can run Kodi with either the EmbyCon addon (directly browse/play the remote Emby database) or the Emby for Kodi addon (sync the remote Emby database to the local Kodi database).

Emby also has a bunch of great plugins:

  • auto box sets (collections)
  • cinema mode (trailers before a movie)
  • cover art (stylised DVD, BluRay, UHD 4K case artwork)
  • trailers (new in theaters, DVD, Netflix, plus trailer archive)
  • trakt
  • time lord (auto set date added to release date, so “latest” views aren’t filled with old shows/movies)
It’s working great for me so far on a small VPS, which just has to generate STRM files and download metadata for them, with a direct play capable client streaming content directly from Google Drive.


Original poster
Feb 8, 2019
Figured it out.. It was a rookie error. I knew nothing about docker, merely following commands.

Now i understand the idea of host volume and path in container. I was quoting host level path on container level operations.

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