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Discussion Temporally Bad Gateway after restart pyLoad docker container

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Original poster
Nov 5, 2018

once in a while my pyLoad is has dementia (it "forgets" my share-online pro account and I cannot add it), the only way to bring it back is to restart the docker container.
Most of the times after the restart I see on pyload.mydomain.com the message Bad Gateway. When I try to connect with ipaddress:2938 I see the message
This website is not reachable
ipaddress has declined the connection.

Portainer says the container is running, the logs in portainer of pyLoad and Traefic don't show anything concerning pyLoad.
Now the funny thing, usually after some hours, latest the next day everything is working perfectly again.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be? I have absolutely no idea where to start searching...

Thank you and best regards

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