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Ideas The secret sauce?

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Original poster
Nov 17, 2019
I have used Usenet for well as torrents and file hoster sites. I ended up moving away from Usenet and torrents a few years back after finding some great sites for file hosters. This is when i only needed the new stuff. Sadly, a while back, I experienced a devestating RAID loss. Before someone says RAID is not a backup and I should have had backup...I know. I did, but it turns out the solution I was using was not good for my needs and I ended up losing a lot of stuff. Have a different solution with G Suite now.

Anyway, I am still trying recover some stuff, and since I recently bought a great new soundbar, I am trying to get the content with 5.1 audio since I am obtaining again anyway.

I can find NZBs or torrents for the older content, but it is very often removed (Usenet) or no seeds (torrent). I am aware they are removed from Usenet due to DMCA takedowns. So, I went on a mission today. I signed up for accounts with servers on just about every backbone trying to see if I could get some specific files. It failed. So, what is the secret sauce for getting older shows these days? I have accounts on a lot of NZB sites. But must not have one where the content is posted somewhere that is not being taken down. Any suggestions? Or other sources for older stuff?

Thanks much in advance for any and all feedback.

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