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Ideas The Ultimate Mediaserver/client: What do they need to do?

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Original poster
Jun 14, 2018
So the new Emby for thread got me inspired and thinking. There are so many streaming technologies, servers, solutions and what not out there. All of them offer a wide range of functionality. Some things are good with this package, others are good with that. Yet, one fails to have em all. So in your opinion, what does a total package need to be capable off? A few of my thoughts that I catagorized in different areas. Come on guys, this is where you can let yourself be heard!

- Server cluster: Like docker has portainer, it would be nice if we could manage our servers from one point. yes, like plex and Emby currently offer but not centralized by a developper but totally manageable by us, the user. (Kaltura CE has this option).
- Better backup support. Now the existing packages offer good backup support, it would be nice to be able to detail your backup. Chose what elements need backing up at what times (media database, serverconfiguration, etc etc). Thnx to plexguide we can backup the whole server but what if I just wanted my medialibrary?
- Combine libraries: This is actualy part of the clustering thing. Where Plex and emby forus on managing servers and combining everything into one place on that level, it would be nice if content management was seperated from the server and could be managed in its own area. That sayd, combining one Movie library from one server, another movie library from another, and so on into one huge library.
- Usermanagement: Not only for us, but for the user themselves. Creating userprofiles, watchlists, you name it. This would be more of a frontend feature then backend. Backend features would be rights management, enable/disable functionality, you know the usual stuff.
- API support (ofcourse). Who wouldn't want it integrated into their favo CMS right? That seriously got me thinking in terms of frontend possibilities.

- As it came to my experience, some streaming technologies work better then others. Yes, HTTP streaming works fine but in some cases HLS is a better solution. There are areas where plex and Emby fail in that area. Low latency support for example (yes I know, this is a pro feature but with people running remote servers, this could be a nice asset).
- Transcoding. More control over transcoding. Force audio output, force video quality and output, more control over settings. Emby in that area has much better support. Plex has a lot of predefined profiles but it would be cool if they could be edited. As for resource management, if would be good to have different types of transcoders based on devices wich you could tweak. Plex now takes a lucky guess but I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't always choses the ideal solution. This is a feature that could be very well be controlled from within the player.
- External files support:. What I mean with this is, the way youtube and for example netflix does it. Now this feature is already there within plex and Emby for subtitle files, but what if you could do it with videotracks and audiotracks? Let's say I have a videofile in 1080p, 720p and 480p. I want multiple language and channel versions of that file for example English 7.1, English 5.1 (in case my device doesn't support 7.1) and English 2.0. what I would need is the current situation is this:
1080p + English 7.1
1080p + English 5.1
1080p + English 2.0
720p + English 7.1
720p + English 5.1
720p + English 2.0
480p + English 7.1
480p + English 5.1
480p + English 2.0

See how you have duplicate videotracks and a lot of waste of space? Now what if it could be like this:
1080p video
720p Video
480p video
English 7.1
English 5.1
English 2.0

According to your prefs, and device, your server would pick the appropriate tracks and mux them in a compatible container. Also notice how much space you'd save and how many extra feature you'd be able to incorporate? I'm talking about multi-language support. I struggle with this issue at the moment as my native language is Dutch and kids want to view animation in their native language. I need 2 versions of each file while I could have on videostream and 2 audiostreams instead of 2x the video stream to create the multi-audio version. I could just combine them into one container but then all those audiostreams I don't need, would take extra bandwidth.

So all systems tend to develop or create their own player. Well why? What if as a base, the most powerful mediacenter solution in the universe was used? One that is available on almost any device and is very well supported? Yes, I'm talking about KODI. Now I've been playing around with KODI as a substitute for plex and emby clients and I must say I'm shocked in the most positive way I could have every been. PlexKodiConnect and EmbyKodiConnect work well alongside kodi. Both systems integrated into the kodi database like a happily married couple. So why go out of our way to build a fresh client while a bunch of plugins, some skinning and what not could so do the trick? You know, toss a little Kodi build out there. Hell they're not hard to do. I spell a repo comming. And for the devices that are not supported, there's always the webui. One feature I sos like about Emby.

So these are a couple of features off the top of my head. There's more but I'm a little short of time today. Will add some more later on. But, guys, toss out your ideas. I'm planning to keep notes on all of them. Who knows what could happen?
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