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Ideas Thoughts for changes to the deployment app...

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Original poster
Aug 22, 2018
Hello again,

Thanks for every thing you guys do here. Its made my life so much easier.
I have some minor feedback for the pgplitz deployment app

* There are a lot of dead links in the info outputs eg.,
* For yes/no inputs the standard is to accept a 'y'/'n' input which would be nice. Or at least if you don't put in a 1,2, or z it should notify you that you didn't enter a valid response instead of assuming an exit input (i assume this is just an else statement atm instead of a check for 'z'). This can be seen in the Google Drive Client/Secret ID input section.
* I haven't checked if this happened in 8.6 but in 8.5 my drive would slowly get filled up with old docker images. I created a cron job to prune these every week but it would make sense to add this as an addition to pgblitz if it hasn't been already. The first time I noticed it was after 4 months when I had 300GB+ of unused, old images.

Anyway. 8.6 looks like it has many improvements already which I am very excited about!

Thanks again for everything

Cyborg Pirate


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
no good suggetions, part of what you said will be in 8.7
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