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Original poster
Oct 20, 2018
I just spun up a new PGblitz server coming from a old manual build and everything seems to work right although I have a log days work of rebuilding configs again which is another issue. The problem I am running into is I registered a new domain got it working with Traefik, and during the initial spin up had the top level domain app as portainer. Once I started adding in apps I installed Hiemdall and swapped the top level app over to that. Now while I can get to Heimdall through its sub-domain if I go to my top level I get the traefik 404 page that shows up before the forwards are completely loaded.

I am assuming that I am missing a configuration change somewhere but I am not sure where. Can anyone help? or is top level just something Heimdall can't do, and I need to swap over to something like organizr? Side question I know Heimdall can't by default but is there a front-page system that I can tie into the google authentication to give users a different list of sites based on their authentication.
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Aug 30, 2018
Experiencing the same issues here. I've never managed to get top level domain app to work. Only subdomains. Anything else returns 404 page not found.

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