torrent vpn and nzb ssl combi? |

torrent vpn and nzb ssl combi?

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Original poster
Sep 21, 2018
Hi all,

Apologies if in worng area but need some help sounding out a query I have.

Yeh I get nzbs no issue - I went this way years ago to get rid of tracking from torrents and cr4p like that so alls cool. ssl is understood etc etc

My query comes around the torrent side of things. With a lot of the nzbs some drop out and hence I go to torrents manually behind a vpn in order to complete tv seasons / episodes when required.

I am on hetzner running the usual sab / radarr/ sonarr /ombi combi stuff etc no probs however last time I attempted to hook up torrents through this with sab / jackett etc I got hounded by from the provider.

Is there a way to push torrent traffic through a vpn when its triggered? Any ideas or am I a dumb a55 that I have missed something? Just getting tired to manually scour the interent at moment as dont want to trigger torrent issues again....

OR do i just set up a seperate hetzner with everything porting through a vpn but poitning it back to my g drive?

Good to hear your thoughts....



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