Torrents Not Downloading (At All) |

Torrents Not Downloading (At All)

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Original poster
Jan 8, 2019
Heyy Everyone!

I have been using PlexGuide nearly flawlessly for almost a year now. Did some maintenance and research today, which ultimately led me down to the path of using Torrents. There has not been much of a need for them, but I would like to get a proper set-up for torrents to pick-up on those NZBs cannot grab.

In short, I have spent several hours today reading the Wiki & other documentation and unfortunately have had no success. For the life of me I cannot get any torrents to download, even when trying material with multiple seeds. So far, I've got the indexing piece working with Jackett (which is awesome)... When doing a manual search the torrent gets added to the downloader, but will not make any progress. Ultimately, I am at a standstill and have tried both qBitttorent and Rutorrent.

Any help would be much appreciated! I am running a dedicated Hetzner host.

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