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Original poster
Dec 18, 2019

I cannot deploy Traefik correctly.

the log give me:

level=error msg="Unable to obtain ACME certificate for domains \"*.<domain.ltd>\" : unable to generate a certificate for the domains [*..<domain.ltd>]: acme: Error -> One or more domains had a problem:\n[*.c.<domain.ltd>] [*..<domain.ltd>] acme: error presenting token: cloudflare: failed to find zone .<domain.ltd>.: ListZonesContext command failed: error from makeRequest: HTTP status 400: content \"{\\\"success\\\":false,\\\"errors\\\":[{\\\"code\\\":6003,\\\"message\\\":\\\"Invalid request headers\\\",\\\"error_chain\\\":[{\\\"code\\\":6102,\\\"message\\\":\\\"Invalid format for X-Auth-Email header\\\"}]}],\\\"messages\\\":[],\\\"result\\\":null}\"\n"[

Can you, please, help me to fix theses errors?

Thanks so much with your help
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nobody for some help?
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there is nobody to help?
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