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Traefik rate limit query

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Original poster
Apr 26, 2020
Hi everyone,

Tried to set up the gce as per the guide i found which appeared to be only half a guide from the wiki and it looks like ive run through my rate limit getting the message - too many certificates already issued. Appears from Traefik logs that while trying to *and failing terribly at* set up my GCE i have duplicated the certificate too many times and blocked myself out. Checking it appears it has been duplicated 10 times exceeding the 5 threshold.

Query is, does every unsuccessful Traefik deployment duplicate the certificate? I didnt actually get it working and when my local went down I feared I had stuffed some settings until i could still local in. I assume I will have to wait a week to do anything now unless I want to change my domain over which Im not overly fussed for.

When it is unblocked, is there a decent guide as to how to set up the GCE if youre already using another PG instance? I have my home server I serve to others but want to bolster my drives catalogue a bit with a GCE.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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For future reference for anyone reading this (albeit this will likely be irrelevant with PGX) I just picked up another domain from GoDaddy super cheap. Turned off automatic renewal. Connected the new domain through Traefik and everything else stayed the same, re-loaded settings from PGVault and I was good to go.
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
ya i always have a test domain. i should put that in the wiki future wise.

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