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Discussion Traefik : Syntax Error while loading YAML.\n

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Original poster
Apr 13, 2019
Hi... It worked before but now I cannot install traefik. Cloudflare setup properly tried on 3 servers (Dedicated hetzner,GCE and my own . Looks like it never gets to configuring/checking etc.
I am not scripting guru but this error looks like it never got to configuring process. PG 8.7.5. Anybody had error like that ?

Deploy Traefik?

y or n? | Press [ENTER]: y
PLAY [localhost] **************************************************************************************************************************
TASK [Gathering Facts] ********************************************************************************************************************
Thursday 16 January 2020 00:29:55 -0500 (0:00:00.060) 0:00:00.060 ******
ok: []
TASK [Including cron job] *****************************************************************************************************************
Thursday 16 January 2020 00:29:56 -0500 (0:00:00.739) 0:00:00.799 ******
fatal: []: FAILED! => {"reason": "Syntax Error while loading YAML.\n "}
to retry, use: --limit @/opt/traefik/traefik.retry
PLAY RECAP ******************************************************************************************************************************** : ok=1 changed=0 unreachable=0 failed=1
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tried to downgrade to 8.6...the same...no idea what can cause the problem
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