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Discussion Traefik while using top domain for something else, like Wix

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Original poster
Mar 27, 2020
Hi there.

Is there a way to set up Traefik so that I can use my top-level domain for something non-plexguide related? For example, if I want to have a normal website with Wix or Carrd or something, and I want to point my top-level domain to that, how will I go about setting that up? Is it something I need to do in Traefik, or is it a DNS thing?

I really want to make a little website with help videos and stuff for my users, and PG Press doesn't want to work (already made a post about that).

Please keep in mind I'm still learning Linux.


Mar 11, 2019
Option 1:
You can have your help site on another subdomain, such as help.example.xyz

Option 2:
You can have all your PG services on a subdomain.

First go to your DNS provider.

And set up an A record for the subdomain you want to use, make sure to use the IP of your server. In the example below, your domain would be server1.example.xyz

Now you can set up CNAMEs for your services. For each service do the following. Make sure to change server1 to whatever you used in the previous step.

Keep in mind, depending on your DNS provider this may take awhile to take effect.

Now log into your server and start PG.

Go to [1] -> [1] -> [3] to change your domain. Now you can set it to server1.example.xyz

If given enough time, you should be able to reach your plex instance from plex.server1.example.xyz

Now you can free up your main domain for other things.
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