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Original poster
Nov 9, 2018
So, install fine and runs fine with public trackers (uploads/downloads).

But if I try to use my only private tracker, I can download quite happily but it doesn't want to upload. The tracker website reports

You are not CONNECTABLE (firewalled?)
The tracker is unable to contact your client on the IP address and port you are reporting, which means other clients cannot initiate a connection to you either.

This can seriously impact your transfer rates: you are advised to check your port forwarding to resolve the issue.

Please try PortForward for further assistance.​


0.000 KB​
0.000 KB​
36 mins ago​​
Failed (23)​

the last column being NAT check. It also reports an IP address that isnt mine (neither my address here nor my cloud server)

I raised a query with Netcup and they said

"You have a virtual server from us. We do not block you. Obviously you have
configured something wrong. But we have to mention that we only provide the
runtime environment. Therefore we can't support individual software or custom
installations in general. Furthermore we don't have any access to your system
after the completion of your order. It is the task of the customer to
configure and install its services on the machine as well as keeping it safe
and secure."

Any idea what I might be misconfiguring?


Jan 17, 2019
You're getting that error due to a combination of NAT and the upload port being blocked.

In order to upload, the destination needs to be able to reach you. In a NAT environment, this is done via Port Forwarding.

Majority of VPN providers block all ports by default. If you are using such a provider, you're out of luck.

Some providers give you the ability to reserve a port (temp or permanent), I know Windscribe you can purchase a dedi IP with port forwarding, or "rent" a port for 24 hours. PIA also supports it (I believe).

TL;DR: Your VPN provider needs the ability to use Port Forwarding.

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