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Discussion Trouble with Remote Path Mappings and NZBGet

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Original poster
Jul 21, 2018
I am moving servers and installed PG 8.7.5 on the new one yesterday. I followed the wiki to set up Radarr, Sonarr, and NZBGet but files are not moving. I can successfully download a file and have it show up in /mnt/downloads/nzbget/{category}, however, it doesn't end up in /mnt/move. I believe this is because it's expecting the file at /mnt/downloads/{category} per the Remote Mapping wiki under PG8.


If I leave the destination directory as /mnt/downloads/nzbget, it doesn't change the name of the file or folder. If I change the destination directory in NZBGet to /mnt/downloads/, it shows up in the /mnt/move directory but the file is still not getting renamed or put in the movie or season folders. It ends up looking like The.Social.Network.2010.Blu-Ray.1080p.x264.DXVA.DTS/{random digits}.mkv. This does end up on my Google Drive but neither Plex, Sonarr, or Radarr like the naming scheme.

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