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Ubooquity admin page access

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Original poster
Oct 26, 2019
Hi, i installed ubooquity and i'm able to acces on it using: myserverip:2202/ubooquity

My problem is that i can't access to the admin page.

If i go to: myserverip:2202/ubooquity/admin system show me ubooquity normal page (like myserverip:2203/ubooquity)
if i go to: myserverip:2202 system says me error 500
if i go to: myserverip:2203 system says me "connection refused - impossible to find address"

In the container detail page (from portainer.io tool) i see that system report only 2202 inside Port configuration...i have to add 2203? If yes, how?

If this is not problem...what i have to check?

this is configuration under preferences.json file:

libraryport: 2202
adminport: 2203

Tnx a lot for your help

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