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Ubuntu 20 Installed and See's GTX970 Card

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Jan 17, 2018
I was actually impressed installing UB20 on my older gaming machine. Installed clean, steam works, brave browser and all my drivers worked. No issues with the USB, saw the wireless card wifi card on the motherboard, and all else is well. Now I have a machine to install and test PGX hardcore directly on! Gonna do an 8.7.5 test shortly! Anyways, it's the UB20. Unsure how docker will install (always the challenge for a new UB).

In the second screenshot, UB20 and CIV6 see the graphics card native for the game! PG is not too happy with UB20 :D

Screenshot from 2020-04-18 04-00-20.pngScreenshot from 2020-04-18 04-21-23.png
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