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Ultimate trakt.tv list setup - mdblist.com

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Original poster
Sep 11, 2020
Ultimate trakt.tv list setup - mdblist.com

To have total control of your automation setup, create ultimate Trakt.tv lists with mdblist.com
mdblist.com major features:
Filter movies and tv-shows by rating and vote count for most popular rating sites: IMDb, Trakt, TMDb, Letterboxd, Tomatoes, Metacritics
Preview filtered results before creating a Trakt.TV list
Filter by streaming services and distributors, like Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV+, HBO, and much more
Filter by Certified Fresh Movies (Rotten Tomatoes) or 4k releases (blu-ray.com) with keyword support
The average score is calculated for easy filtering. It's based on average ratings from IMDb, Trakt, TMDb, Letterboxd, Tomatoes, Metacritics, with votes factor (lowering the score if too few votes)
Ratings are scrapped all the time, for current releases every two days
Filter by Actor or Director, find movies with your favorite actor or create a list with multiple actors
Prepopulated popular list is available to base your filtering: IMDb Most popular movies, Top pirated movies of the week, Trakt Most Watched, Trakt Anticipated, TOP Box Office and more
External List support - import Trakt.tv, IMDb.com, and RottenTomatoes public lists and filter to your needs. External lists will refresh automatically.
Trakt library sync will sync your watched, collected, and watchlist statuses. You can filter out already watched, Collected movies, or with one click mark movie as watched or add it to the watchlist.
After you created a list, it will be refreshed and populated with new items every 24 hours

Please try it. Any feedbacks are welcome! https://mdblist.com
Reddit: r/mdblist


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