Unable to re-deploy a new PG Move (I want to replace the old one with a new account) | PlexGuide.com

Unable to re-deploy a new PG Move (I want to replace the old one with a new account)

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Original poster
Jul 31, 2018

I'm on PGBlitz v8.7.5

I can't access to the edu account where I had my files so I'm trying to deploy PGBlitz/PGMove to my G-Suite Business account howeve rit keeps failing, so I need help.

When I open PGBlitz and go straight to PG Move I get this:

πŸ’ͺ Welcome to PG Clone ~ http://pgclone.pgblitz.com


[1] Google Account Login [[email protected]]
[2] Project Name [something-237513]
[3] Client ID & Secret [ACTIVE]
[4] TDrive Label [Multimedia-grupo]
[5] TDrive OAuth [ACTIVE]
[6] GDrive OAuth [ACTIVE]
[7] Key Management [2] Built
[8] TDrive (E-Mail Share Generator)

[A] Deploy Unencrypted Blitz
[O] Options
[S] RClone Settings
[Z] Exit

As I don't have any option to destroy current deployment all I do is, click 1 to enter the new email account (my g-suite). Once I do it I get asked to enter the verification code but then I just get this:
ERROR: There was a problem with web authentication.
ERROR: (gcloud.auth.login) invalid_grantInvalid code verifier.

To set the active account, run:
    $ gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`

INFO CHECK: E-Mail Address Failed!
β†˜  Acknowledge Info | Press [ENTER]
I tried doing "gcloud config set account [email protected]" and I got the message saying "Updated property [core/account]." but I dont think it's true as when I go back to PG Move it still shows the old edu email...

No idea why it happens, how can I resolve it and why my damn old edu account doesn't dissapear from there?

Could someone please help me?

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