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Discussion Unable to stream to Sonos after setting up Cloudflare

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Original poster
Feb 8, 2019
Hey all,

Recently moved from hosting my plex server using the free google credits over to a paid Hetzner server, and like everyone else, I found the machine is a beast, however the bandwidth I was getting back here in the states wasn't great (sometimes 5 meg/s sometimes 30 meg/s, but never fantastic). I went through the steps to setup cloudflare and everything is working amazing now, I can stream multiple 4k videos to plex web on the computer, to my roku, xbox, android phone, fire stick, apple tv, etc...

However the one issue I haven't been able to figure out is streaming to my Sonos system in the house. I suspect it is because I had to turn off Remote Access. However I did add the custom server access url of: https://plex.myserver.com:443 which is what I assume is allowing all the other plex clients to work. So I'm not entirely sure why just sonos is unable to stream.

I have tried removing the account from the sonos app, and then adding it back in, however that didn't seem to change anything.

Anyone else run into this issue with Sonos?
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Bumping my own thread here, just in case anyone has any ideas or knows how I could go about troubleshooting this.

I wanted to add that in the Sonos app I can actually browse the music library on my server, so I know that some connection is taking place, however when I go to play a song that is when it says:
"Unable to play 'song' - the connection to Plex was lost."

I'm would have expected the browsing of the media to work in the same way as actually playing the song, but maybe not? Like I said all my other clients (roku/xbox/web browser/android phones) can browse and play music/movies/tv just fine just Sonos can't play.

Any thoughts?
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