Up-to-date build advice?


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Feb 18, 2018
I've been using a remote dedicated server, but want to use a local server now instead. I'm hoping for more reliable 4k coming from my gdrive.

Just wondering ... what's an ideal build these days? What cpu/gpu/ram/hdd etc would you recommend to someone looking for the best performance out of a local server?


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Jan 10, 2019
I assume since you want 4k you will be direct playing everything. With that in mind depending on usenet or torrents will determine best disk and cpu if you will be downloading as well locally then pushing up to gdrive. I would recommend if the dedi is already running your downloads just leave it doing what is doing and uploading to your gdrive. From there technically an Atom or Celeron and 4gbs of ram and a big enough ssd to hold your meta data for plex is really all you need for direct play. Does not use much cpu at all.


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Jan 20, 2018
Stop and test with a local VM first - local server for 4K requires a fast connection and you'll be direct playing anyway or it won't be 4K, connection wise that's likely north of 100Mbit. In terms of what you need, its pretty meagre if its primary goal is Plex and direct play, my old i3 3127u managed OK, but for a new build, i'd generally go 8th gen onwards intel CPU+iGPU, you get more cores than previous generations for each SKU. If you prefer AMD then the Ryzen 1600 AF is a back port of the 2600 clocked down, it's decent value if you want to throw other work at it and better value, the 2700x isn't that much more though.

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