Use a VPS to route Plex traffic |

Use a VPS to route Plex traffic

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Original poster
Nov 22, 2019
Hi guys! I have seen others do a similar thing to improve peering to their countries where cloudflare works but not to the extent wanted, I have a dedicated server with WSI and would use a VPS located in LA so the download from my server to the VPS is about 800mbit and the upload from the VPS to me is about 350 Mbit compared to the 120mbit I'm currently getting directly from the server (which isn't enough for alot of 4k content) so I was planning up the VPS to route the Plex traffic which is apparently possible with reverse proxies? Anyways hopefully someone here has done this before or either might know how to accomplish this!


Mar 5, 2019
If you are using gdrive for storage, do you need the WSI didicated?
Why not just use one VPS or rent a dedicated with better peering to LA?

You could try using the VPS as a proxy or route your traffic through wireguard, but not sure that an optimal solution.
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