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Discussion Use PGBlitz for general transfer/backup of external drives?

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Original poster
Feb 26, 2020
Kudos to the crew working on this - I just set up a system with plexguide, pgblitz, all the goodies with the first try. I went with PGBlitz because of the amount of data I want to upload and take advantage of our gigabit line. Everything connects just great - tested dragging a few files into the "move" folder and badaboopbadabeep it goes up! My question is can I use this setup to just get a few TB of random files up to my TDrive? I have a few drives looking to consolidate/sell/etc - I'd love to just throw them up to a new TDrive folder if possible. My main ubuntu drive really can handle a drag and drop of a few TB onto it. I setup MultiHD because I thought that would help out but I think my newb'ness is blocking my brain from figuring it out!

The MultiHD is reading the drives just fine, mapped correctly and I can see the folders/drive in my unionfs folder (locked) - is there just one tiny step I'm missing to just upload them to the TDrive...really just want a 1 way upload if possible!

Thanks for all the help!
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