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I've got everything working except I can't access my plex server outside of the server. I've tried manually setting the port in plex and still is red and none of my devices like my phone can see it. Any ideas?
Most likley this:

This is a general idea of what to do, once you know what applications you want I suggest just opening those ports up and closing the rest.
On VPC network click firewall rules
2. Create a firewall rule
3. Name it
4. Keep everything default until target tags
5. Target tag: anything e.g. Plex
6. Source IP Range: (this will apply to current and future instances)
7. Second Source filter: None
8. Protocols and ports: Allow All
9. Create.
10. To open up specfic ports e.g. Plex & nzbget you'd put tcp:32400; tcp; udp:6789
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