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Version 5.078 (App Domain Select)

Assists Greatly with Development Costs
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Project Manager

For Traefik v2 users only!

A major update that allows you to now change your default app top level domain to the following:
Ombi, HeimDall, Muximux, Organizr, Tautulli (plexpy), HTPCManager

Visit Settings > Default App > Select the Program!

So lets say you select ombi, now when you visit yourdomain.com, ombi will deploy (and yes u can still access via the subdomain).

Also, bug fixes have submitted by: YipYup, MBCorps, Zreil88, Lowmach1ne & Niller 2005 for various bug fixes that improve the overall program!

The PG Team - https://plexguide.com

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Assists Greatly with Development Costs

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