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PG Sergeant Major
Sep 14, 2019
I ran CPX41 too, downloaded 4k movies. Downloads tops at 250mb/s and uploads 200mb/s. Within 24 hrs was able to download 4TB. Buy yeah was not consistent. Would rather just get a dedi with hetzner with guaranteed 1gbps.


PG First Class
May 2, 2019
I had the same vps from hetzner that @admin recomended , and it works great without any problems over 1 year solid without problems, i recommend hetzner .... first i even started with cloud ones , and moved to dedicated hetznet !!!!
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PG First Class
Mar 13, 2020
Without load anticipated user numbers, load data, user distribution information/ISP & local connectivity info, client types and some idea if you understand how to curate content/run a server, that's a really vague question. The small SSD space is going to be a problem sooner rather than later with a big library and ongoing feeder duties, you have to transcode on shared CPU cores, even with all the other variables removed, you still have the potential of noisy neighbours affecting your server randomly. While it's certainly possible to run a Plex instance, Hetzner Cloud is more suited to feeder work if you are going to be using it for larger numbers of friends/family.
thanks, I will keep it in mind! And I hope that I will not get any noisy neighbors :D Basically, I don't care for the SSD space. I got intrigued by the NVMe SSD. As for feeder, I am downloading everything from my other "Cheap" VPS.
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PG First Sergeant
Aug 8, 2018
Yeah I've been slowly upgrading my content. I had a lot of WEB-DL's and 720p content and have been loading more 1080p content.

34 euros a month right? Not too bad. I currently live in California. How would the latency be with the euro server? Or do they have servers in the US? Definitely can afford that compared to buying hard drives monthly, even though hard drives are getting more affordable. With Hetzner, what's their policy for port forwarding and running stuff like Sonarr and Radarr?
Hey @dullahanmediaco I found it faster to simply set everything up and download new--as @Admin9705 said.
Get the server up and going sooner rather than later so you'll know what is hard to find. Some of those older and "random" shows are hard/impossible to find at any quality. I've manually downloaded using torrents and I still have open requests from users...

I use Contabo (EU) and there's no problems streaming to the US. Netcup (EU) was also great.
Netcup downloaded faster, but Contabo has a larger SSD for the money. No other noticeable difference. Contabo has US locations now, so I'm planning on getting a new VPS there and keeping the EU one for myself.

---> I'd be really interested to hear how many active users people have compared with how much they spend per month for their server(s). I'm trying to find a good balance.
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