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Nov 30, 2018
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so its been a while since I updated pgblitz and I noticed the pled container web gui is screaming about updates. even looking at the current plex version compared to latest there is quiet a difference.

so my understanding was that the watch tower container woould monitor and update other container apps,, yet it does not seem to be, what is the correct way to force watch tower to update all containers or just plex?

it looks like my plex was latest updated end of aptil and watcher updated early arpil.

dont think I;ve ever seen any info on watchtower other then the wiki saying watchtower auto updates containers, but that oes not appear to be happening

i'm on pgblitx ver 8.6 as far as I can remember

would love to know what s the correct way to initiate the updatesas a process


You probably didn't choose the right option during setup. You can either turn on watchtower in the PG settings or you can reinstall the app to get the latest version.

Since you want updates, ensure you're on the latest PG (pgupdate), then go into the PG Settings (10) > Watchtower (4)
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