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Original poster
Jul 17, 2019
I’m looking to setup my first dedicated server for myself and close friends, up to 20 users on the West Coast USA. The content will all be 1080P with transcoding enabled for slower connections.

I currently use a seedbox in the Netherlands (Seedboxes.cc) as my personal Plex Server and storage (1 TB).

After browsing the forums, it seems that Hetzner is the first choice host for a dedicated server, but I worry about the distance from my location. I’m going to run it through Cloudflare CDN. I’m about to order the EX52-NVMe, but I’m open to suggestions for hosts or servers.

I recently signed up for a GSuite account, and i’d like to fill the drive with the seedbox and use the dedicated Hetzner server for Plex. In this type of setup, do I install PGBlitz on both servers?

Any tips or suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you in advance!


Mar 7, 2018
I'm in the pacific northwest and have an ex-42 in falk, ger dc. I've got friends smattered around the lower 48. while i've never had more than 4 streams concurrently, i download heavily on the box in addition to hosting plex. I can't say I have any real complaints about the network performance and think it works well. speedtest results can fluctuate as well as latency, but overall never really have any issues streaming content (as far as throughput/bandwidth goes) and haven't had any of my friends complain about speed.

The client apps in use and the files types being played (think client compatibility) really seems to dictate the end experience and would say the network throughput is secondary to that. granted this view will likely be contended by others. PS4's can be finicky at times and the various different smart tvs plex clients can be hot garbage sometimes. Firetv stick i've been honestly impressed with it's playback ability and my nvidia shield was great (till it decided to die).

Hope it helps.

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