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Wordpress & extra containers with Traefik

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Feb 27, 2018
I use to use PG guide with the WordPress container setup and it worked great! (I miss it now) I ended up changing hosts and needed to rebuild my site but now whenever I put in my Traefik settings in the container label they don't work. I either get 404 page not found or my wordpress will just sit and load forever and then fail and go to https://domain.com:6666 (Not sure why it shows what port my wordpress is using...?)
I also tried editing OmbiHD to something else and that didn't like it either. (anime.domain.com) I'm wondering is there a config file I need to edit to make these two containers work?

I want my WordPress site to go to my main domain (domain.com). I believe I have everything setup correctly on my cloudflare account.
The labels are the same on my Wordpress except no subdomain is used domain.com.

Is there a config file that needs to be edited to get them working?

Ombi Container labels
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
For anyword press domains, you can just add the domain to the traefik front thing and rebuild the container and will come up. My goal was to add a wordpress deployer, but somewhat on the backend with other stuff going on right now. Well that's for Traefik v2. You can edit the toml under /opt/appdata/traefik and make your mod there for old Traefik v1.
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