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Xteve YML Testing

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Original poster
Apr 14, 2019
I have some testing on my own with this YML for Xteve and feel that it is a good file to test somewhere besides my own setup.

This is a compilation of a few of the best practice ideas floated around on this site. I put them all together so you can do your normal customer container process.

1. Copy yml file to /opt/mycontainers
2. Run plexguide
3. Options 5 -> 2 -> 1 -> xteve2 -> A(Install)
4. Load .m3u (local and remote work with this)
5. Set filter
6. Change to xteve buffer
7. Load in Emby or Plex

I have not gotten errors with either platform yet but I figure some of you folks might be able to run this more than I will and see if I messed something up. I am working on a COMSKIP right now for Emby so if anyone has any suggestions to share for that, let me know!




Aug 27, 2018
Thanks for the contribution, I've never used Xteve but I'll give this a go and if it's all good we can work on getting it in to the community repo :)
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Jan 21, 2020
Hey man it works great on some clients. Unfortunately this is bubbling my mind just as we speak:

1) On android it simply says the DVR client is offline in plex :/ - On desktop everything is fine
2) The performance on Samsung TV is working (yet they dont have grid view for the channels) but seems that after i enabled igpu transcoding, og shifted to another server last night it buffers every 30 seconds or so

Got any input?

Thanks for the YML it really got me going with xteve

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