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I'm new here and I'm trying to find info on why none of the unsupported Plex Plug-ins work. Is that era over already?
welcome to the site :D From ITL? Haven't been there for awhile; beautiful country
hello davaz, Can you give me information about the servers that you manage? I need a server with plexguide and that can support iptv, for 50 users around
So I (Believe) I Passed My Physics Exam, a Week Break Now With Other Useless Exams and Then Math Next :P

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you have done here. This website has helped me immensely with my media server, and my media quality :) Deploying a new server with your script is extremely easy and with unlimited Google Drive storage there is nothing stopping me from downloading every movie and tv series ever filmed :D

Thank you for all your hard work.
good move on play FFXIV. Beat FFXV?
Ohhhh yeah, played the hell outta it. Got all the boys to lvl 100, all the side quests, DLC, etc. I loved it, but I'm going to put it on hold again until the complete edition is out. I'll prob do another playthrough on it then. Are you on FFXIV?
thanks for being a supporter! danke!
Very gladly, I will try to donate regularly so that the costs are covered.