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hi guys kinda new to thus type of plex as I have always used my own harddrives but want to switch to google drive and stream my content from the drive direct to my plex ive checked few thing's out and used nothing seems to work more than happy to pay or share my content etc been pulling my hair out lol I can see the drive etc and files but when plex scans for media takes about a hour to show up and the the files
I was missing that discord, we need a heart broken reaction </3
Just subscribed to a monthly payment guys! Can only afford to be an Elite sponsor right now so I apologise for that. Hopefully in the future I can donate more :) Glad to be a part of the community!
Hi davaz! Can you share the pricing for your servers? I'm looking for a small server for family use
I'm new here and I'm trying to find info on why none of the unsupported Plex Plug-ins work. Is that era over already?
welcome to the site :D From ITL? Haven't been there for awhile; beautiful country