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    Chrome (Browserless)​


    browserless is a web-service that allows for remote clients to connect, drive, and execute headless work; all inside of docker. It offers first-class integrations for puppeteer, playwright, selenium's webdriver, and a slew of handy REST APIs for doing more common work. On top of all that it takes care of other common issues such as missing system-fonts, missing external libraries, and performance improvements. We even handle edge-cases like downloading files, managing sessions, and have a fully-fledged documentation site.

    If you've been struggling to get Chrome up and running docker, or scaling out your headless workloads, then browserless was built for you.

    Access Information

    Traefik**chrome:Only for Internal App-to-App Communication
    httpschrome.domain.comTraefik must be Deployed; Remote Servers Security Practice - Stop with PG Port Guard
    httpipv4:Ideal Only for Local Servers

    Case Use

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