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    CloudCMD (Cloud Commander) is an a quick an efficient way to access your files through the use of a browser. Not only does CloudCMD assist you with file management, but a user is can upload, download, rename files, and even run terminal commands! CloudCMD is an exceeding well, put together, and useful program. A great tool for deployment for any server operational needs. To some extent, it could eliminate the use of NextCloud and similar programs due to it's accessibility!

    Access Information

    Traefik**cloudcmd:7999Only for Internal App-to-App Communication
    httpscloudcmd.domain.comTraefik must be Deployed; Remote Servers Security Practice - Stop with PG Port Guard
    httpipv4:7999Ideal Only for Local Servers

    Case Use

    CloudCMD has several useful features that are highlighted in the video above.
    • User is able to execute shell commands as though on the server
    • Password features
    • Can download and upload files, including drag and drop in the browser
    • Zip and Extract files from within
    • Read text files directly
    • Access your server from anywhere!
    1. The host server is mounted in the directory "SERVER"
    2. If you want to move/delete/work with files on the host (i.e. NOT just those inside the Docker container) then first enter the "SERVER" directory. There you can go to the /mnt directory on the server for most of you locally or remotely stored files.
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