1. Server Configuration

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    Hetzner's Promox network configuration is a-bit unusual due to the fact they provide additional IPs that sit outside of your initial network configuration. Learning this the hard way, knowing how networks run can work against you when it comes to build a common logical scheme with Hetzner. Until you have mastered the network connection file, do not run anything critical that you may be unable to recover.

    Location the Shell for Proxmox

    If you are unable to utilize shell, it's because you are using a dated browser or accessing your server on a non-secure connection (no https cert). Keep in mind that putty or any other terminal client may be utilized to access your server.

    Initial Actions

    File Edit 1

    nano /etc/sysctl.d/99-hetzner.conf
    Edit the file as shown below. Remove the # symbols for both locations and then press CTRL + X to save the changes.


    File Edit 2

    nano /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf
    Remove the # signs from both locations. It is recommended that you reboot your server so the changes take affect (and that your not Troubleshooting on why your virtual machines cannot communicate with your server).

    Images for your server

    In order to install a virtual machine, there are two ways to obtain images. Keep in mind this step can be taken after setting up your network connections.


    This is the fastest and technically the easiest way to obtain an image. Head to the cmd line in your shell and utilize the following commands to obtain your images.

    cd /var/lib/vz/template/iso
    wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.4/release/ubuntu-18.04.4-server-amd64.iso
    If there are other images that you would like to obtain, find the address of that image. As shown above, utilize the wget command and image address.

    Uploading Images

    A simple process, but can be slow depending on the speed of your upload connection. Select your local disk and then select upload. Your image will be ready ahead of time when your able to create virtual machines.


    Network Interface

    When accessing your server, the first thing that should be done is to configure the /etc/network/interfaces file. This file will serve as your life line to your Proxmox server!

    Header Information

    Prior to looking at the header information, it helps to look at the network card for your box through the GUI. Not doing so the first time, this would have just provided a visual. If setting this up for the first time, all you should see is the name of the port and it being listed as a network device.


    Back to terminal, type sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces and you should a type of the screen, but listed this as the header due to some unnecessary stuff that was within the file. The more useless stuff that you get rid of, the easier it will be to manipulate your file due to a lack of distractions.

    NOTE: If using server with e1000 nic (IE: EX42 )
    Please do the following:
    apt-get install ethtools
    then insert this line in /etc/network/interfaces
    ethtool -K eno1 gso off gro off tso off tx off rx off rxvlan off txvlan off sg off
    This line is to be inserted below the primrary interface
    IE: face eno1 inet manual ( LINE 1 of /etc/network/interfaces )

    • The ipaddress and the gateway address can be found in the robot interface at Hetzner (as shown below, without an icon to the right of it).
    • Pay attention to the rest of the information, delete everything else and ensure that your network address are the same (enp35s0 and etc)
    • If you mess any part of this up when you reboot your server, it will not come online. Double check your information and yes, reboot your server! You do not want to configure more information and it does not work!


    Configure VM - Dedicated IP

    ** WRITE UP

    Configuring VM - Public Subnet

    Server Configuration

    Hetzer will allow you to order 6 additional IP address, but why do so when you can purchase a larger subnet with an ip address range that is together. Confusing at first, these simple instructions will further assist you![/h3]

    First, you need to have a spare public ip address; no not the IP address of your Proxmox server! When configuring your machines within a public subnet, they will communicate to the additional ip address that you have purchased.

    In this example, the network interface is called vmbr2. Do not add the network card manually in the GUI interface. Add it by typing nano /etc/network/interfaces.


    Per the instructions, this simple but was complicated to initially figure out because nothing demonstrates this. The netmask is what will get most people. Having a subnet that was nowhere close to the ip address of my box, I gambled a wide subnet mask and it worked. both and /16 match up. If you understand networking, you need to have the subnet range fit within range of your Proxmox and additional server ip. If you are unsure, these numbers should work for you or you can post within the forum.

    Host VM Configuration

    Ubuntu Server

    In order for your host machine to talk out via the internet, you must first create the VM and then select a network card. In this case, the network card will be known as vmbr2. Do not forget to change this!
    Once Ubuntu Server is setup, type sudo nano ... write more later
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