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    Discord Channel Access

    To Access the Discord Channel, you need to meet ONE of the following criteria:
    • Account is 21 days old and have at least 10 posts
    • Have donated
    Why the criteria? Because it ensures people are somewhat valid and prevents new people from joining discord and blasting every question that they can think of without reading! Remember, this is a hobby for us!

    Basic Rules


    1. Do not PM staff members constantly.
    2. Utilize the forum and wiki for solution prior to asking about an issue.
    3. Assist other members when possible.
    4. Utilize the forum interaction to keep both the Discord and forum going.

    How to Earn the Ban Hammer Award

    1. Spamming
    2. Promotion of any anything (projects, sites, products) without consent. Want to talk about it? Go there and have fun :D
    3. Harassing any member!
    4. Subversion. Again, if you want to be part of something else; go there but do not disrupt the members here!
    5. No Tagging or @mentions in any channel?? Or risk being banned.

    Some Good practice material to have a read of if you're going to use Discord channel:

    Account Linking


    Simply joining discord does not resolve your access. Discord is in sync with the forum!

    Visit and ensure our Discord is linked - https://plexguide.com/account/connected-accounts/

    Final Notes

    1. Unless your assigned a role via forum linking, the membership is temporary and you will be removed from the channel when disconnected.
    2. Again, posted in #1, leaving the discord such as closing it out and etc will result in a disconnect.
    3. Being banned from the forum also bans you via discord and vice versa, so please just be a good citizen.
    4. Did you know you're on the wiki? Please improve the articles when you can via the links on the left.
    5. Everything is good, but just joined and cannot see anything? Just wait a few and do not leave. The automatic sync will occur!
    6. IF USING A CELL PHONE, it can be problematic at times.
    When you connect your account, you will be synced to the discord. Be aware that this may take between 1 - 2 minutes to work; rare ... rare cases... 1 hour. Thanks!

    Discord Link

    By viewing the link below, you agree to the terms above!
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