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    Drives for PlexGuide is an all in package solution to make life easy for you and for your server deployment. Drives basically enables a user to plugin and verify various pieces of information in order to merge and mount your drives in a simplistic manner.

    New Features


    • Merge multiple share drives
    • Each share drive can contain a unique project; less API hits
    • Upload to any drive regardless of setup and configuration
    • Merge online drives with local drives and save data locally
    • Removed tons of Ansible in order to provide a cleaner and more flexible deployment
    • Uploads move independently, rather than being batched
    • RClone bandwidth no longer required for Drives (PG Move) due to new upload process moving when possible
    • Items upload from their set location; no more /mnt/move
    • New read-only mode for second servers or read only Plex or Emby servers requiring no uploads.
    • Users do not have to create keys unless using Blitz and require the uploading process.

    Drives File Structure

    • /pg/unity - Where all merged data is located
    • /pg/incomplete - Where all incomplete data is not ready for transfer

    Drives Uploading Methods


    Users can select either using Basic or Blitz for uploading purposes.


    The 2nd fastest of the modes to setup. Users can setup google drives, encrypted drives, and shared drives; merging them all together for /pg/unity.

    Basically, a user can setup a read-only server requiring no upload capabilities. No key generation or upload process is required for this to deploy.


    The 3rd fastest of the modes to setup. Users only have to setup the information required without any key generation. Users can select to move data to an encrypted or regular drive regardless of setup.
    • User can only upload 750GB of data per day (but worth setting up if this is not a problem)
    • User does not have to deploy keys or share the drive out


    Not Ready Yet


    Not Ready Yet



    The uploader works in the same fashion for MOVE and BLITZ except that keys are rotating to push data via multiple service accounts.

    How It Works

    Explain Here

    Uploader Service

    To view the status of the service, type sudo systemctl status uploader

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