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    Media Server

    Emby is a home media server that allows you to bring together your home videos, music and photos. It automatically converts (if needed) and streams to any supported device. It's basically the rival of Plex. Overall, Emby serves as a great media alternative to Plex, which now there is a forked alternative project of Emby known as JellyFin. Users of Emby highlight the argument that Emby is not as invasive as Plex when it comes to a user's privacy.


    Configuration Access

    Traefik**emby:8096Only for Internal App-to-App Communication
    httpsemby.domain.comTraefik must be Deployed; Remote Servers
    httpdomain.com:8096Poor Security Practice - Stop with PG Port Guard
    httpipv4:8096Ideal Only for Local Servers

    • Server — Store your media library in a central place
    • Client — Clients or Apps that play back media from the Emby Server
    A fully-functioning Emby system requires both a Server and at least one client player. The Server includes the Emby web app which is used to manage the Server and your media library. It also features a media player, thus the minimal installation of just the server is enough to get started, but most people will want to install Emby apps on other devices for expanded client functionality.

    Wizard Setup

    Open your web browser and navigate to your sub domain: emby.domain.com or ipv4:8096

    Language Select

    The first page will ask you to choose a display language.

    welcome to emby.png

    Create a User

    Next you'll be asked to create an initial user account. You'll have the ability to create more accounts later after the setup process has completed.

    As an option, you also have the ability to link the account to Emby Connect. Emby Connect makes it easy to connect to your Emby Server while you're away from home. This is purely an optional step and can be skipped if desired. You can always do this later after completing the startup wizard by visiting the Users section of the server's web interface.

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    Add Media Libraries

    Now, you'll add your media libraries. General paths used are:


    • /pg/unity/tv
    • /pg/unity/movies
    • /pg/unity/mycustomcategory
    • /mnt/unionfs/tv
    • /mnt/unionfs/movies
    • /mnt/unionfs/mycustomcategory

    Keep in mind other paths can be used. See Library Setup for more information.

    DO NOT turn on the chapter selections! This will tax your server and increase API calls if utilizing G Suite!

    emby add media.png

    Metadata Language

    Once you have added all the libraries that you want, you'll configure your default metadata settings, such as where they'll get saved and in what language.

    emby metadata.png

    Emby Terms of Service

    Simple just accept the Emby Terms of Service.

    emby terms.png

    Congratulations, hit finish and you're done!

    Emby Connect

    If you are using Traefik\Port Guard, there are a few more steps you will need to complete in order to get your server externally accessible, and to be accessed using Emby Connect.

    Go to the Emby server network settings and make the following chances
    • Change the public HTTPS port to 443
    • Add your full emby subdomain into the External Domain field
    • Change Secure connection made to "handled by reverse proxy"
    Make sure your Emby Connect username is saved under the appropriate user profile.

    Then you will need to restart the Emby server for the network changes to take effect. When it comes back up, it should be accessible externally, and Emby Connect should also be able to connect to it.

    Additional Information

    Official Homepage
    rsz_1rsz_1rsz_github.pngOfficial Github Page
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