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  • Introduction

    The first thing a user easily discovers is why they are unable to upload any data further to their Google Drives. What the user does not fully release is that Google places a 750GB per user on all combined Drives. That is why PlexGuide has developed the Blitz uploader which rotates multiple service (SA) accounts to upload your data.

    First Note

    This normally happens when using PG BASIC EDITION (prior pgmove). With Blitz, this error should not occur unless the number of keys deployed is too low. Each key can upload 750GB of data daily (or SA - service account).


    What to Do

    Nothing. All you can do is wait. PG will attempt to upload your data every 15 minutes after you have exceeded your daily cap. Basically, you do not have to do anything. If you want to take action, deploy Blitz and the service accounts will rotate keys in order to upload your data. Each key provides 750GB of daily uploading. Multiple rotating keys prevent you from exceeding a daily cap. The picture below capture what is in the logs.


    Will PG Continue to Upload?

    Yes, as mentioned above. PG created the error because over 60 seconds, it detected the file size to be the exact same. What does that mean? A stuck file possibly. After 5 minutes, PG will wipe the current rclone upload logs and then attempt to reupload again. If any upload is successful, the "stuck file" notice is removed. The goal is to maximize your uploads and having PG conduct continuous checks on when it can upload again.


    How Long Does the Ban Last?

    It's known to be about 24hrs, but the restriction can occur far before it was imposed. The reset is rumored to occur via midnight (0000hrs) according to the time via the API console panel.
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