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    Google GSuite for Business is a business grade account that provides a user unlimited storage. It is truly unlimited in that users reported in having accounts of over 500TB and 1PB large. Regardless for $12 a month, Google GSuite is powerful not only for PlexGuide, but for day-to-day use. But wait, it says that I need at least 5 users?! No, you only need to sign up for 1 account and it has been like that for years. Lets take the time here to document some questions in regards to Google GSuite ~ [Click here to Signup].



    Users Required

    Only 1 user is required to sign-up and maintain a Google GSuite Account for $12 a month! Trust us, it's been like this for years!


    Google is a data collection organization, but the account that you are purchasing is a business grade account. Meaning that you can visit the Google Dashboard and turn off any data collection for your GSuite Account. Google is essentially providing business grade tools to compete against Microsoft and other organizations. Google is making money through the use of the tools if provided to do so (such as gmail).

    Required for PG?

    No, PlexGuide enables a user to utilize a local edition of sorts. Basically, PG will utilize your local Drives in order for you to run your server... but does this make a lot of sense? No because you have to backup all of your own data and some remote hosts charge you extra for disk space.

    Multiple PG Servers

    Yes, you can utilize the same GSuite account on all of your PG Servers. This is powerful because unlike local storage, you have the ability to run a local server and two remote servers using the 1 same GSuite account.

    Back Ups


    This is where we were highly impressed with GSuite. Google provides basically a real time 25 day snapshot of your data. On accident, we have lost data before... but utilizing the recovery interface, TBs of data was restored within minutes. We were concerned that the restore would overwrite data... which was not the case. Any files that are missing are just restored to their original locations. Prior to using the recovery, data can be recovered from the recycle bin... but the recovery of the data was from a hard delete. This is where money is saved in avoiding purchasing large amounts of HDs.

    Your Own Domain

    One of the best features is being able to signup with your own domain. Do not have one? You can purchase on through Google, which makes life easier. You can create your own gmail account such as [email protected] or [email protected] Google also enables the use of alias accounts meaning all emails that get emailed to your domain or alias accounts such as [email protected] all email to your real email account!

    Other Uses

    When GSuite advertises that data being unlimited, it's far cheaper than utilizing a regular google account. When using your own GSuite Account, it provides unlimited storage to your Google Photos (at max resolution), G-Mail, and other various Google Tools.

    Well But...


    Google provides you a 14 day trial to utilize their services - [Click here to Signup]. They make it easy to cancel and you can test for yourself on how it works!
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