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  • Introduction

    Welcome to in how to create your own Google OAuth projects and keys!


    Wait? Why do I have to create my own projects and keys? Being new to linux when starting PG, attempting to understand how Google works was another mystery. Typically, thinking with a Windows mindset, your like... I can use Google File Stream or Google Drive just scan my files. Sure, it works... for a short time. You then soon begin to realize that after a short while, you can no longer download any of your files and that your Plex may attempt to start erasing itself. Just when you thought all was going well, you have to find another solution in which is why you are now here!

    Well, I'll just utilize rClone's default settings to allow me to utilize my Google Drive! If so, you'll wonder why everything is moving so slow. In 2018, rClone announced that Google started to rate limit their speeds to overuse of their own developer keys. What does that mean for you? You now have to create your own projects and keys, but luckily for you, we suffered through figuring out the process to make your life far easier!

    Sign up for Google G-Suite for Business

    Prior to starting this entire process, you require a GSuite Business Account. Please [Click Here].


    • $12 a month
    • You do not need to sign up for 5 accounts, only 1... trust me. It has been like this for years!
    Using a FREE account will not work! Trust us, the $12 is worth the cost! You get unlimited g-mail, photos, storage, and professional grade services from Google. We are not here try to sell Google to you... we are here to tell you that it's worth it. On top of that, Google provides a 25 day snap shot of all your data... so yes, you have a true back up of your data!

    Starting Process

    First visit

    Ensure that you are signed in the correct Google Account! It will be the #1 reason why you will get lost in what your looking for or why you cannot see our own project. Check the upper right corner.


    Creating a Project

    The first thing you have to do is create a new project if you do not have one! PG has the ability to create projects for you also. First pick Select a project. Next, click a New Project


    In order for PlexGuide to see your projects and ensure they are correct, start your projects must start with pg-. After that, name it whatever you like. If you fail to do so, your project may not be seen by plexguide.


    Creating OAuth 2.0 Client IDs

    Keep in mind, this is not an API key. API keys by themselves present security risk. Google's OAuth 2.0 authentication utilizes a project id and secret key through various forms of communication to ensure that it's you accessing your content and data. With it, comes extra headaches! First click Credentials and then click + CREATE CREDENTIALS. Finally, click OAuth client ID.


    Configuring the Consent Screen

    This is recently new, but basically it is asking if you want to make your credentials for internal or external use. Basically, internal use because it is you who is using the product.


    Then select Internal


    On the consent screen, you will see a bunch of options. The only thing you have to do is put in the Application Name, which is what you want to name it and then click SAVE at the bottom!


    Creating OAuth 2.0 Client IDs - PII

    Ok so now, you should be able to create your client ID. Repeat the process until you get to this point. When you select the Application Type, select Desktop app. Name the application whatever you want!


    You will then finally see a page with your generated client and ID and secret. Don't worry if you lose, it. Google will save it and allow you to view the information anytime.

    Enabling the API

    [Click Here] to visit the Google Drive API Page.
    • Ensure that you are logged in as the correct user and have the correct project selected!
    • Click [ENABLE] as shown below!


    After enabling the API and following the mentioned tasks, you should have now created your own keys! Utilizing your own keys will speeds up pgdrive significantly!
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