Hypervisors & VMs

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    So, what are hypervisors and Virtualization?
    Basically, some users have powerful servers or wish to build a test server.
    Imagine deploying an instance (virtual machine) where you can back up what you're doing, roll back to a certain point, or build multiple machines on the same machine..

    Still confused? Imagine you have a 24 core server, 256 GB of RAM, and a 10 gig pipe. To pay $499 a month for a powerful server just to run plexguide would be a waste. By deploying a hypervisor, you are installing an operating system to run or create multiple virtual machines. A hypervisor is an OS, but not like Windows 10, macOS, or Ubuntu Server; rather operating systems known as Proxmox or Hyper-v.

    More Information

    Until more of this is built out, please visit the links on the left in regards to Proxmox or Hyper-v.