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    Lidarr is one of the most recognized programs utilized in order to obtain, maintain, and upgrade a user's music quality content. Lidarr operates in a hasty and efficient manner and provides a high degree of confidence in organizing and renaming files to be recognized both by Plex & Emby. For USENet, Lidarr works both with NZBGet & SABnzbd.


    Access Information

    Traefik**lidarr:8686Only for Internal App-to-App Communication
    httpslidarr.domain.comTraefik must be Deployed; Remote Servers Security Practice - Stop with PG Port Guard
    httpipv4:8686Ideal Only for Local Servers
    ** Ideal for Apps to communicate between with one another. Click Here for more info!

    NewsGroup Configuration


    Put video

    Recommend Newsgroups

    Here are top 5 tier news-server recommended by PlexGuide! Very well known for completion and speeds:
    1. NewsHosting
    2. UseNetServer
    3. EasyNews
    4. Pure USENet
    5. XLNED
    General Configuration
    Generally, the following actions must be taken for both USENET and Torrents. Select settings as highlighted below.

    Next, select media management. From here, scroll down until you see Audio Naming. Make sure to turn that on. If not, file names will be stored as is and may complicate the setup with Plex and/or Emby.


    Advanced Settings: Turn on (little gear icon in top left.) It should change from a red X to a green checkmark:

    Media Management Tab

    Tracking Name

    • Rename Tracks: Yes/Enable
    • Replace Illegal Characters: Yes/Enable
    • Standard Track Format: Recommend {Artist Name} - {Album Title} - {track:00} - {Track Title}
    • Artist Format: Recommend {Artist Name}
    • Album Folder Format: Recommend {Album Title} ({Release Year})


    • Create empty artist folders: No/Disable


    • Skip Free Space Check: Yes/Enable

    File Managment

    • Use Hardlinks instead of Copy: Yes/Enable
    • Analyze Audio Files: No/Disable if you forget, you will hit the 24hr Google Ban all the time

    [Click] save changes at the top right

    Additional Information

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