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  • Mellow

    Mellow creates a Discord Bot that can communicate with several APIs like Ombi, Sonarr, Radarr, and Tautulli. From the bot, in Discord, you can search and request in Ombi, get a list of all content from Tautulli, and more!

    Traefik**mellow:5060Only for Internal App-to-App Communication
    httpsmellow.domain.comTraefik must be Deployed; Remote Servers Security Practice - Stop with PG Port Guard
    httpipv4:5060Ideal Only for Local Servers


    Before setting Mellow up, you'll need a Discord server with your bot inside. You can check the official Discord website for more information:
    The bot will need the following permissions:
    • Read Messages
    • Embed Links
    • Read Message History
    • Use External Emojis
    • Send Messages
    • Manage Messages
    • Attach Files
    • Mention @everyone
    • Add Reactions

    You'll need 2FA enabled to add some of these permissions.

    Head over to the mellow application to start setting it up
    From here you can:

    Pictured below is the main Bot tab where you can configure the discord bot.

    1. Token provided to you when setting up your bot on your server.
    2. ID provided to you when setting up your bot on your server.
    3. The prefix used to listen to commands in the server EXAMPLE: !tv Breaking Bad OR !movie The Lion King
    4. The service the bot will default to for requests
    5. Enabling this will delete command messages after they are received
    6. Enabling this will send a message in the discord channel when the prefix is used with an invalid command
    7. The discord role required to use the bot for TV requests
    8. The discord role required to use the bot for Movie requests


    Once the bot is configured you can head over to your discord server and start requesting!

    Type: (your command prefix)+(tv or movie) (name of your request)

    After submitting your command, if the name of your request returns more then one option the bot will ask you to specify by typing the number related to which item you want requested. In this case, we want number 1

    After selecting the item you want to be requested the bot will ask you to confirm by "reacting" to the message. You must click on the ⬇ icon

    After you have confirmed your request, the bot will send you a notification letting you know the item has been requested.


    Mellow has recently been overhauled (as of May 2020) to be more user friendly and less buggy. Overall if you already use discord and want a really easy way to request content and also share requests with your friends Mellow is the bot to do it.
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